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Born in Palma de Mallorca, she channeled her career in the world of art, moving to Barcelona at the age of 18, where she was trained in dramatic art by important teachers and directors of the theater scene. The approach to the scenarios infers in the apology of the Berlin cabaret theater, theater of denunciation and social criticism under the veil of irony and seduction. Also, during this time, he carries out his direction studies, realization and audio-visual editing.

In the following years she will alternate her work as an actress with direction, production and theater management, as well as working in other artistic media related to design and advertising.

In 2006 he began his artistic studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts...

Kharma Estrany

Looking the Aleph

En su primera obra maestra “Alicia a través del espejo”, Lewis Carroll describe un diálogo entre el personaje principal y la reina, que había acabado de…

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LOOKING THE ALEPH. Mallorca 2018

EXHIBICIÓN de Kharma Estrany en su pueblo natal Sa Pobla, ciudad sin ley. Inauguración día 23 de Agosto [a las 19,30h] en el ESTUDIO DE ARTE…

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THE ART WALL. Arquer Buigas

NUEVA EXPOSICIÓN THE ART WALL 1 DE FEBRERO 2018 "A LA MUJER" Arquer Buigas Comisaria: Kharma Estrany. Factory [236] Barcelona. Cayetano de Arquer Buigas (1932-2012) Pintor…

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