Born in Palma de Mallorca, she channeled her career in the world of art, moving to Barcelona at the age of 18, where she was trained in dramatic art by important teachers and directors of the theater scene. The approach to the scenarios infers in the apology of the Berlin cabaret theater, theater of denunciation and social criticism under the veil of irony and seduction. Also, during this time, he carries out his direction studies, realization and audio-visual editing.

In the following years she will alternate her work as an actress with direction, production and theater management, as well as working in other artistic media related to design and advertising.

In 2006 he began his artistic studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts / University of Barcelona / where he specialized in contemporary and interdisciplinary pictorial techniques – from which his research would later derive – conceptual works – exploring the anatomy of the human body, sculpture , photography, video-art, installations and, given their theatrical connection, performances. His last career course concludes at the University of Bruxelles / Belgium /

In 2013 he added the theoretical and curatorial knowledge that complements the art and permutation in the master of curating new media, art criticism and cultural management at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

In 2015, it complements teaching and innovation studies in education with the Master of Secondary Teachers and Training Cycles at the University of Barcelona.


2020-2021 Art and education. Public function.

2019 Publicación ArtyHum. Artista seleccionada. Biogafía y obra Kharma Estrany.

2019 Performance “Tres perras, simbiosis del arte” Festival por amor al arte.

2018 Collaborator in video mapping “Encesa de llums” Ajuntament Hospitalet. Hospitalet

2018 Exhibition International “Hair Dance” In Art visibilis. Almería.

2018 Exhibition “Looking the Aleph” In Disseny. Palma de Mallorca.

2018 Exhibition Princesas/Annas. [DONA I TEMPS] Ajuntament de Barcelona.

2018 Exhibition “Looking The Aleph”. Factory 236. Barcelona

2016 – 2017 Exhibition 4 collections Of Kharma Estrany. ZNT [Interior design] Barcelona.

2016 Performance: Information/Identité. Nuit Blanche. París

2016 -2019 The curatorial coordinator wall art. Factory 236. Barcelona

2016 Exhibition “Done, Mare, terra” Barceloneta. Ajuntament de Barcelona

2015 Exhibition “IncorporArt” Barceloneta. Ajuntament de Barcelona

2015 Exhibition “Looking The Aleph” Nave 73 Espacios que importan. Madrid

2014 Exhibition “self portrait” Arnau Rayó. Palma de Mallorca

2014 “Looking The Aleph” EN 11 ESPACIOS SINGULARES. Barcelona

2014 “Looking The Aleph” EN 11 ESPACIOS SINGULARES. Palma de Mallorca

2014 Exhibition Autorretrato “Looking the aleph”. Casa Miss. Palma de Mallorca.

2014 Exhibición video-arte “Looking the aleph” Limited editions Gallery. Barcelona

2013 Exhibition “Princessas/ Annas”. Zaldierna. La Rioja.

2013 Tres perras. Intervention in public space “Toxic Money” Antoni Tàpies Foundation. Barcelona.

2013 Exhibition “Princessas/ Annas”. Cultural center Urgell. Barcelona.

2012 Exhibition “Princessas/ Annas”. Dexia. Bruxelles.

2012 Finalist Video Santander Foundation. “The petit dances of Degas”

2011 Exhibition “Pigments Pigments gourmends violents” La Bastille. Paris.

2011 Exhibition “Boka-Dos”. Via Fora. Barcelona.

2011 Tres perras. Intervention.”Habitación 211” Mys propias dictaduras”. Konvent punt zero. Berga, Barcelona.

2010 Audiovisual Installation “Paisajes cotidianos” at Ferran room. BBAA. Barcelona.

2010 Tres perras. International Festival of performance. EBENT’10. Performer. Barcelona.

2010 Exhibition “La superviviente” Hall Box. BBAA. Barcelona.

2010 Group exhibition of painting. Artwork: “Bipolar” and “Maskaras” Ayuntamiento de Gracia. Barcelona

2009-2010 Exhibition “Volver a vertex” Alternative Living triangle. Madrid

2009-2010 Tres perras. Festival of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. BAC. Media “Money”.

2009 Tres perras. Gallery paspartu. Intervention in public space and work of social relationship “MirArte”. Barcelona.

2009 Tres perras. Central University of Barcelona. Intervention in public space and work of social relationship “Money” .

2008 Art Auction cancer. Donation of plastic work. Palma de Mallorca.

2008 Exhibition group artwork “My hombre” Gallery Erd-galeria. Palma de Mallorca.

2007 Exhibition group artwork “Paisajes cotidianos” Erd- Gallery gallery. Palma de Mallorca

2005 Exhibition group artwork “Los 5 sentidos” audiovisual work . Arts and collective cuisine. Palma de Mallorca.


2018 Accredited narrative Video mapping course. CIFO. 200 Hours. Barcelona
2015-2016 Master of teachers in secondary education and vocational training.
2012-2013 Master of curating new media / art critic and cultural management. Ramon Llull University . Barcelona
2012 Royal Academie de Beaux Arts. Erasmus. Bruxelles
2007-2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts. University of Barcelona.
Specialty: Image , painting and drawing .
1990-2007 Dramatic Art and Dance . Barcelona.
1993-1996 Graphic design, computer graphics and multimedia design . Power Gallery. Barcelona.
1990-1991 Address , embodiment, camera and editing professional video . Aites , Barcelona .


2005-2006 / / 2008-2009 / 2011-2012 . Actress. ” The nephews of Captain Grant” Paco Mir / TRICICLE /. Grand Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.
2005 Assistant Director and actress. Performing seams. Barcelona- Madrid.
2003 2nd Assistant Director. “The general’s” Address Paco Mir / Tricicle / Barcelona .
2002 Stage direction . Opera small format “One day conVincent ” Luis Arquer . Barcelona.
1999-2001 Director the small theatrical monologues with different artists . Barcelona
1990-1995 Member of the cabaret theater company ” The katalitikas “
Different interventions in 1990-2008 Tv series . Theatrical Events, Entertainment , and other advertisements .


2016-18 Professor of Cinema, TV and Shows. [Cycle of studies superior] in Center Villar. Barcelona
2018 Art Design, creation & photography of erik carol’s album. Barcelona
2015-16 Art Design and creation of Factory 236´s corporate image.
2015 Art Design and creation of J.Guillem´s corporate image. Barcelona
2005 Director of the department of theater managament . FONART . Palma de Mallorca.
2003 Address and artistic management chillout multigear Mandala . Exhibitions, theatrical entertainment, literary meetings etc . Palma de Mallorca.
2001-2002 Art Direction projects. VALIS / Advertising Agency . Barcelona
1996-1998 Art director and training. Power Gallery. / appel / Barcelona delegation.
1990-1994 Assistant Director in Panorama, of comunicació equip . / Company dedicated to designing exhibition / Department of Design, and communication. Barcelona

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