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The Artistry

A restless artist who works from a concept deepening, developing and investigating it. The social, literary themes and always in relation to the human body are the plastic axis of the line of exploration. The technique is chosen based on the results.

Payasa cielo
"Self-portrait" Collection.

The result of this unlimited study over time, is the disturbed representation of the image of oneself.

Based on reproducing the plural identity, the artist illustrates her own attitude towards the outside world and constantly reinterprets herself according to her inner self.

The expression in which she creates, takes importance and shows relationships with other art forms and the media. The work has a theatrical look within the social.

Princesa trapecista
"Princesas/Annas" collection.

The intention of all the pieces of “Princesses/Annas” is to make an introspective re-flection on how the current Beauty, adhered to some canons and perceived by the community as an end, stands as a fierce means, capable of leading the subject to scandalously self-destructive stages and that society still today, does not know how to manage.

The concept of Beauty is surpassed: “The Sublime becomes Sinister”.

"Looking the aleph" collection

The inspiration for these pieces comes from the paradigmatic story “El Aleph” /1945/ by Jorge Luis Borges. Inscribing the author’s own definition: “An Aleph is one of the points in space that contains all the points. The place where are, without confusion, all the places of the world, seen from all angles”.

Thus, these pieces, through the viewer’s gaze, assume this premise, where all the points are contained; that is, the viewer collects the gaze of the author’s protagonist eye that has been configured by the photographic eye of the same.

Labios perla
"BOKHAS" collection

The mouth that smiles, tastes, kisses. The mouth that spits, bites, gets angry. The mouth, unique and irreplaceable.

The Pandemic, like so many others, broke my activity, generating time of bewilderment and solitary reflection. The events led to the fact that one of the main sources of contagion was the mouth.

Its invisibility under the masks was and still is a priority that has provoked the Collection Bokhas.

Concepts, Research, Projects, Collections.

The creative process is slow and continuous. Linked to a first premise: "The sinister part of beauty in the 21st century"